We fix anything and everything at all in your commercial kitchen – all brands, all types of equipment and all kinds of technology – Gas, electric, refrigeration, steam and microwave. Besides, we do more than just fixing equipment, we offer a service contract that gives you preventive maintenance, keeping your kitchen running without any breakdowns. We offer professional repairs on all food service equipment and ventilation systems. We provide our services on a flat fee contract basis. Please feel free to contact us on phone to have your needs rectified.

We are committed to representing high quality commercial kitchen solution providers. Should you need us, here are our services enlisted below. Click on any of the services for a brief information about it.

Supply & Installation of Industrial Kitchen Equipment

Excello understands that the kitchen is the ‘heart’ of every food creator/ vendor. It also houses all sort of sophisticated equipment. In view of this, we are committed to offering exclusive kitchen design and set up together with supply and installation of all equipment such as stoves, rotary ovens, stockpot cookers, grillers, etc.

LPG Bulk Tank Supply & Installation

We offer exclusive LPG related services ranging from the supply of tanks in different litre units, installation, reticulated gas system and servicing periodically.


We have a team who have the expertise in fabrication of all stainless equipment such as stainless tables, shelves, oven, grillers, stoves, etc.

Domestic Kitchen Services

We also cater for your home kitchen minor but important needs and faults. They are enlisted below:

 Supply and installation of all Gas accessories and spare parts. Such as regulators, Gas Holes, clips, burners, etc.

 Repairs and routine servicing of domestic Gas appliances. Such as barbecue, oven, cookers, etc.

 Gas Piping and professional consultancy services about safety precautionary measures.

 Fabrication and building of safety cylinder cages

Hood, Ducting And Ventilation System

We install kitchen hoods with the required standard. Ducting has also been one of our major or key services over the years. With our innovative technical solutions, our team is competent to construct a recommended ducting system taking other relevant factors into consideration. Besides, our team is capable to build an effective ventilation system to control the exposure to airborne contaminants.

General servicing & Maintenance

We service all Gas equipment related issues like yellow flames, temperature irregularities, broken and rusted burners, etc. We also work on Gas leakages. We are able to detect and provide solution to any kind of leakage that might be posing threats in your work environment. Irrespective of the source or cause, call Excello for quality service delivery. We will schedule periodic servicing and if necessary, maintenance solutions with you. With respect to maintenance, you are sure to expect solutions like spraying of rusted equipment, greasing/oiling all galvanized or stainless equipment to protect them from total breakdown, changing Gas hose, clips, etc.

Deep Cleaning

Excello over the years has expanded its service delivery and adopted innovative solutions. With cleaning services, we do deep kitchen and facility cleaning all in the quest to help you serve your clients better. We do commercial/ industrial kitchen and equipment cleaning, hood cleaning, exhaust cleaning, etc. using our recommended cleaning materials such as pressure machine and the prescribed detergents.

Other Related Services

Excello has an extended arm who are into cabinetry and wood engineering services. They design, supply and install quality set of wood works for your commercial and domestic use. Of course, Excello measures success by the success of our clients. This is the reason we are bringing to your doorstep these range of quality product and services. You can count on us to deliver unique solutions and the highest quality material. Call us for the following services and more:

 Kitchen cabinet, drawers, etc.

 Customize wood products

 Design, fittings and installation

 Dining suites, bedroom suites, furniture, etc.