Excello has Gas Engineering Services as its main and central focus by which the firm was commenced.  The planning and management team of Excello is proud since its inception to announce our improved scope of services which entails the following;

  • The firm’s focus is on the design and installation of Gas systems for commercial, industrial and public projects.
  • Our installation entails all kinds of Gas equipments including stoves, rotary ovens, stockpot cookers, grillers, etc.
  • Piping Installation: We consider ourselves as expert in installation of LPG service station from bulk tanks to the dispenser and from the tank to the kitchen equipments with good safety materials.
  • General Servicing: We service all Gas related issues such as yellow flames, temperature irregularities, broken and rusted burners, etc. We also service and work on Gas leakages irrespective of the source or causes of the leakage.
  • The firm as well supplies the best Gas equipments for our customer’s specific needs.
  • The firm also do scheduled periodic maintenance and servicing of Gas equipment, systems and facilities to ensure an uninterrupted service delivery and running of the business. This maintenance includes spraying of rusted equipments, cleaning of all galvanized and stainless equipments to protect them from damages or to prevent total breakdown of the equipments. We also do changing of Gas hose, clips and other accessories.
  • We fabricate stainless equipments like tables, shelves, oven, boilers grillers,kitchen hood ,extractor duct systems,stoves etc.
  • We focus on the prompt completion of a wide variety of Gas projects to the highest standards of quality and safety.

We are passionate about what we do in this industry and we believe this significant industry knowledge and technical knowhow with experience over the years will make us your number one choice Gas Design, Installation and Maintenance firm.



The following are specialised areas the firm offer other immediate services;

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Cooling and heating Systems
  • Metal Fabrications
  • Aluminium and Glass Work
  • Plumbing
  • Building and Construction
  • Furniture and Wood Works
  • Commercial facilities and safety management
  • Events Planning and Managements
  • General Cleaning Services
  • General Technical Solution and Consultancies
  • Recruitment and training for engineering and construction firms


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